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03 fevereiro, 2008


Under your white stars", a prayer-lyric, written by Israeli-Yiddish poet Abraham Sutsever, the bard of the Vilna Ghetto.

Under your white stars
give me your white hand
my words turn into tears,
receive them in your hand.
When it becomes night
let the stars light up the dept of my glance
so I find quiet in the darkness,
allow you to weep again.

Only you hear what I ask,
only you know my pain.
Look at this fire, this I carry
and it burns in my heart.
In the cellars, in the dungeons
the freedom is in the death.
On the houses, on the roofs
I shout: "Where are You, God?"

Restless I look for You,
chased by death.
Only for this song I allow me a pause,
and I sing for You, oh God.

2 comentários:

Andrea disse...

wonderful words...
you read and imagine...

Mateso disse...

I also think so and also very painful...

Thank you for your visit and words.